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This is an overview of the news and views published on the Wittenborg University Website and Wittenborg Online!

Date Title
2011/12/20 Wittenborg University wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
2011/12/16 Wittenborg Business Students in Real Estate Project Apeldoorn
2011/12/13 Where are they now? - a Wittenborg Alumni Profile in Apeldoorn
2011/12/09 Dr Teun Wolters - "Research as a way of learning at HBO"
2011/12/09 Companies and Organisations in the region “Crying out for more University graduates”
2011/12/03 Reflection and Personal Development Planning
2011/11/27 Dr Teun Wolters discusses the MBA Module “Intercultural Communication”
2011/11/23 “SpaceBoxes” and Wittenborg Students hit the headlines
2011/11/22 NXTLVL Open Evening at Wittenborg University Business School
2011/11/18 News Overview August - November 2011
2011/11/18 Wittenborg Achieves Above-Average Scores in National Student Survey 2011
2011/11/18 Student Housing in the Form of Space Boxes - New at Wittenborg University
2011/11/18 Download Wittenborg Graduation Photo Collection
2011/11/18 New Wittenborg Students Introduced To Apeldoorn
2011/11/18 New Dean and Head of Research Centre at Wittenborg
2011/11/18 Head of Wittenborg Research Centre Dr Teun Wolters on the Development of the Centre
2011/11/18 New Coordinator Bachelor Programmes on the Development of Wittenborg
2011/11/18 Higher Percentage of International Students in the Netherlands
2011/11/18 One-third of Postgraduate Research Assistants in the Netherlands comes from Abroad
2011/11/18 Ben Birdsall’s “Distilleries of Scotland by Vespa” Co-organized by Wittenborg
2011/11/18 Honorary professorship for outgoing Mayor of Apeldoorn, Fred de Graaf
2011/11/18 Dutch Government Confirms Value of International Migrants
2011/11/18 Apeldoorn invests in International Students
2011/11/18 Wittenborg University Launches China Campaign for the first time since 2007
2011/11/18 Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences Students visit the Nicolaus Copernicus University