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 I got this from Steven Covey I think. Good for leadership - but the best bit about it is the word responsibility, and its origin.

Responseability   This is actually a pretty tough piece, and is best best used when challenging apathy in groups and individuals.

This is direct from Robert Cialdini!! The moment of power - the principles of persuasion.


This file has 6 questions - the "practical application" of the principles of persuasion



What can I say! Cialdini's 6 principles fit to a lot of subjects, spread perfectly over a 3 day session, or independantly for filler or point making stuff.
Leadership Motivation, Execution, Retention. Great stuff!! I can't remember exactly what the source was, but the principal message is clear - "tell them where you are going and how they can help you get there" MER

 This file has the breakdown on all 3 areas

motivation, execution, retention.ppt

Psychology When you use the word because, you get what you want. Source forgotten completely :-) because   Good filler material
Presentation skills Comments about presenting graphs and charts. Graph    
Leadership. Presentation skills   laptop technique + leadership styles

This file has the leadership styles continuum. It needs to be supported by a case study or example for serious work

leadership styles.ppt

 I've seen 3 different leadership curriculum where this piece is used as the foundation concept for pretty much all discussion as to "what is the best leadership style"

Persuasion   thank you

This file has 6 questions - the "practical application" of the principles of persuasion

leadership styles.ppt


If you can get past the fun stuff, there is a model here called "sam/tim" which originally comes from e-strategia.

pencil selling

 I’ve enclosed a file here that simply looks at the way a visual idea builds up. Just imagine you fill in the gaps with lots of explanation

portfolio strategy.pps

Sales model. Pencil selling. Difficult to do actually because you need to learn the lines and rehearse the story, but as a pencil selling practice tool, excellent – although I’m not sure I have actually described “pencil selling” anywhere
    Business Concept    
    The B Button   Ha – I was in Holland, and the B button was „Z“ for “Zwart”! On a French keyboard “N”, German “S”, etc I think
    Story about Russia    
    Vampires 2 alternate setting    
    you would do the same for me    
    Eisenhowers Matrix

This file can be printed so that people can fill it out for their own jobs.

time management matrix.ppt

    Artistic Experiment    
    The Language of Trade    
Goal setting for meetings   ABC    
    Presentation Skills    
    The Development Center approach    
    Presentation Skills 1    
    Presentation Skills 2    
    Presentation Skills 3    
    Presentation Skills 4    
    Running Virtual Meetings