Presentation Skills

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Not everyone can easily be the extraordinary media speaker, but everyone can learn how to present and speak well, memorably, and make the best of their potential by using clear techniques for rhetoric.


2-3 day workshop overview

Presentation Skills
Our presentation skills sessions demonstrate the key compentencies of a good speaker, clearly described and intensively trained.
We train you to get your message across clearly, effectively and competently.
Speaker training gives you personal support and feedback. You will have the opportunity to practice presenting complex messages, with techniques that allow you to see the difference!

The key objective of this seminar is to give participants the confidence to prepare and execute a professional presentation.

The key take away is:

the ability to stand up in front of a group of people to command their attention to keep it interesting
to invite interaction to look good to present your ideas logically, concisely and with clearly defined goals

The sales aspect of the seminar looks at the positioning of the presentation within a sales process, (and the internal convincing process) looks at the potential objectives for the presentation, and looks at the relationship work that needs to precede the presentation, and the follow-up work that comes after.

This leads us into discussing, and practicing a presentation type that is far mor common than the formal, stand-up presentation; the internal meeting, for 2-4 people, supported by a laptop or handouts.

Professional Sales Presentations is at all times an interactive, fast paced, fun learning experience. Feedback will be quick, blunt and focussed on immediate improvement.