Leadership development / Assessment centers

LDC Leadership Development Center & LAC Leadership Assessment Center

The model for the LDC/LAC is similar in that both workshops give participants multiple opportunities to practice and receive feedback (from observers) on a comprehensive selection of their company’s key behavioral skills.

These skill areas are chosen and developed in alignment with the clients´ business needs and development processes.


LDC Leadership Development Center

The LDC is a development tool. The observers are 3rd party and neutral - there is no official reporting process. The deliverables include a development plan and a coaching track.

Target groups


  • The LDC is ideal for the junior or middle manager who must consolidate everything they have learnt so far and confront the battery of skills needed to execute a leadership position.
  • The LDC is a refresher for management teams who need some dedicated time for their development needs. Theses sessions can be integrated with planning/teaming/problem solving needs
  • The LDC is for companies whose executives have exhausted the traditional development track and are using the abi ity to assess their skills against best practice criteria as a tool to understand and develop their leadership style.

LAC Leadership Assessment Center

The LAC is an assessment tool. Each candidate is assessed according to objective criteria defined in alignment with the clients´ business needs and development processes. The LAC is used:

  • as part of the process for assessing and choosing a person or people for specific tasks and  jobs
  • as part of the process for identifying leadership potential within the organization.

The candidates have a timetable of exercises that spread over the first 2 days. On the morning of the 3rd day they may receive feedback from the observers. (To generate the individual feedback, the observers hold a conference at the end of days 1&2 to discuss and assess the candidate’s progress.)

Skills  & methodologies common to both LDC & LAC

Leadership Skills (generic list - in practice defined by the client)

  • Hiring interviews
  • Motivating
  • Team meetings
  • Appraisals
  • Critical Feedback
  • Decision making
  • Time management
  • Leadership style
  • Coaching
  • Organization & prioritization


  • Each skill area uses a best practice methodology, and a personal profiling tool can be used as a complimentary feedback and coaching enabler.