Our work in FMCG is dedicated to the sales function.

Key Account Management is split into 2 levels. We try to get them while they are fresh, in KAM 1, and then about 6 months  - 1 year into their jobs, in KAM 2.

The KAM job is very company specific, so our activities in these seminars are very dependant on the clients objectives. Usually the client will have a whole rack of process information, specific product, Ts & Cs argumentation that will take a large proportion of the time, which leaves it to us to work well with the client to create a good KAM training experience.

In summary, we provide the soft skills input, into the KAM training engagement. 


  •  Preparation guidelines
  • Account planning and the importance of understanding your clients’ business
  • Presentation skills
  • Running a good meeting
  • Body language
  • Question asking skills



  •  Expanding the business through sensible use of networks
  • The client maturity stages – moving the client to where you want them to be
  • Negotiation skills and tactics
  • Reading your customer


Sales and Motivation


This programme is devoted to companies who have a sales force who are required to do a lot of acquisition work: where high motivation is a pre-requisite. Here is an example 2 day agenda.


Day 1

  • Intro, objectives, challenges
  • Intros – how do you introduce yourself on a cold call?
  • Feedback rules
  • AIDA
  • Cold calling
  • Pipeline (motivation 1)
  • Priciples of persuasion

Day 2

  • Timing, self organisation
  • Support from my boss
  • The buying process/ the sales process – the value of good customer understanding
  • Objections
  • The 5A method for handling objections
  • Motivation 2 (Herzberg)