Convincing Argumentation

Overview & Objectives

This 2-day seminar has been specially designed for young managers and for those in the management-training track.

It brings together a number of key themes relevant to effective management and is based on a practice-oriented approach.

The main objectives are for the participants to learn the basics of convincing argumentation in English – especially designed for the non-native English speaker – which allow for a clarity and lucidity that improves decision-making and decision-taking, innovative thinking, information processing, presentation and negotiation skills.

Convincing Argumentation  

Program Focus

  • The seminar starts out with an exercise in presentation skills, with peer feedback, summarizes and clarifies the key techniques for a strong personal impact and examines some fundamentals of body language.
  • The next module focuses on the basics of argumentation, including the analysis and design of a convincing argumentation.
  • Creativity and memory skills are touched on in the evening program, giving the participants a creative approach to their preparation.
  • The fourth module looks closely at the theory of argumentation and includes some language guidelines for non-native English speakers.
  • The modules then go into the preparation and development of a negotiation, culminating in two role plays with peer  feedback and group discussion.


Training Method

  • Trainer presentations, explanation and theory
  • Negotiation case studies
  • Analysis of Group work
  • Psychometric personality questionnaire to identify individual style and characteristics


Target Group

  • Middle and Upper Management

Program Language  - English

Duration - 2 days